GiganTerra Compact UVB 5% 20w


GiganTerra Compact UVB 10% 13w

GiganTerra Compact UVB 5% 26w

UVB lamps allow reptiles to synthesize D3 vitamin essential to calcium absorption. This lamp (5.0 index) will suit tropical species and 10.0 to desert species. The UVB radiation is filtered by the glass, so it is important to place the bulb wisely. The power watt will help to choose the range of the bulb. Even if lamps heat low, it is recommended to put them in ceramic’s E27 socket. In case of a regular utilisation of 10 to 12 hours a day, it is recommended to change the bulb every 6 months.


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Barcode 3664471000814
Manufacturer Reference Code G04-00081
Manufacturer Name GIGAN